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First Steps With Your New Puppy

Posted May 15, 2023 by Onpro Category: Dogs

When you get your new puppy make sure you play with their feet, ears & mouth also roll them onto their back and play with their belly, this will make general inspections of ears, mouth nail clipping and general health checks easier when the animal is older.

Crate training is a great way to teach your puppy where their safe place is and also a rest area in the case of young children in the house or in case of storms and cyclones.

Toilet training can be a hassle however with puppy pee pads and a vigoulet eye this can be easy, a pup will need to go wee a short time after a snooze and some times while playing this can be identified by the pup walking in circles and sniffing, when you notice this place them onto the pee pad and wait, once they have done their business give them a treat and a big pat, this helps identify the good behaviour.

Training treats only need to be small chomps that are gone in seconds so as to keep their mind on the job at hand , dried liver or lung thinly sliced is ideal and low in fat.

When you pup/dog is left home alone make sure you give them some boredom busting toys that they can get a reward from or long lasting chews such as deer antlers, goat horns or nylabones these will help in your dog not destroy the garden or worse still the outdoor furniture.

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