Birdie Play Gym Centre Medium

Birdie Play Gym Centre

Recommended for: small to medium sized parrots including budgies, conures and cockatiels

A little birdie told us...that they really like some new toys for their cage! Something bright, colourful, maybe a bit noisy, and definitely something that can be chewed (because sometimes chewing on a perch just isn't enough). What a coincidence then that Birdie makes toys that are all this and more!

Made to stimulate pet birds, prevent boredom and to encourage gnawing and play for beak and talon health, Birdie toys are available in a huge range of designs to suit most bird breeds. Their Birdie Play Gym Centre is a fun wooden bird toy that's ideal for out of cage play, with ladders to climb, swings to play on, bells to peck and lots of perches to hop between.

  • Made from wood

  • Helps to relieve stress and boredom through play

  • Assembly required

  • 3 sizes Small, Medium, Large available


  • Small - 28cm x 23cm x 28cm (suits smaller parrots including budgies)

  • Medium - 36cm x 26cm x 27cm (suits small to medium parrots such as cockatiels)

  • Large - 48cm x 38cm x 37cm (suits medium to larger parrots such as conures )


Always introduce new toys to your bird under supervision and check them regularly to ensure they are still safe to play with.

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